NH 17
NH 17

NH 17

Availability: 10 Pieces

Code :NH 17
Dimensions (In Inches): Dimensions: Pot Dimensions - 4 H; Diameter - 4.5; Plant Height - 6 - 10 inches
Weight: 600 grams
Colour: Orange
Pack Content: 1

Water the plants when the top few inches of soil feel dry. Keep it only moderately moist, yet not soggy. The plant produces the best growth with a once per month fertilizer solution diluted by half. Devil's backbone houseplant does not need to be fed in the dormant seasons of fall and winter.

Place the pots in a tray of about 2 inches of water to keep the soil moist.
Place the pots in area with indirect sunlight or under grow lights for up to 14 hours a day.
Check the plants in about two weeks.
If they resist a slight tugging, they have established roots

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